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Journal of the VdGSA

The Journal of the VdGSA is a biennial, scholarly publication containing articles and translations, as well as reviews of books, music publications and recordings—all relating to the viol. Back issues and an index are now available online, below.

Guidelines for Making Journal Submissions

Authors are encouraged to make submissions to the editorial staff of the Journal. The editors welcome for consideration articles pertaining to the viols and related instruments, their history, manufacture, performers, music, and related topics. Authors should consult the Chicago Manual of Style, for matters of style.

Articles, reviews, and correspondence should be submitted by email to Robert Green, Editor, Journal of the VdGSA.

Ordering the Journal

Hard copies of back issues of the Journal are available for $7.00 each (U.S. domestic postage included) in the store. Digital copies are available free below.

Please note: these volumes are out of print:

  • Volumes 1 - 6 (1964 - 1969)

  • Volume 8 (1971)

  • Volume 18 (1981)

  • Volume 34 (1997)

Index and Back Issues

This Index to the Journal covers all issues from Volume I to the currently posted issue. The PDF version is updated as new volumes of the Journal are published and posted.

Supplemental Information

Digital materials that support published articles—such as color images, audio—and video, can be found here.

Index to Volumes I-L

Copies of the Journal for viewing and downloading are available below.

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