Young Players' Weekend

"I feel that overall the Young Players’ Weekend was a very insightful event that guided me on the right path to not just becoming a better viola da gamba player, but a better musician as well."


-Jack Meyer 

About The Young Players' Weekend

Approximately every other year, the Society hosts a weekend retreat specifically geared toward younger players. The workshop is subsidized by the Society so that the cost is affordable to students, young professionals, and those of limited means.

The primary goal of this workshop is—what else?—to get together and play the viol, but it also serves several secondary objectives for the society and its members:


  • to provide those who may not have the means to attend Conclave every year (or at all) with opportunities to learn from professional players and scholars

  • to provide younger players who may not know many other viol players with the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests

  • to provide a warm welcome to the VdGSA family and to share information about all the fantastic opportunities available to VdGSA members

YPW is held on a weekend usually in the spring. Workshop brochure and registration are available in the preceding November/December.

The 10th VdGSA Young Players' Weekend


Our tenth YPW weekend will be held March 12 - 14, 2021, online! Faculty are Gail Ann Schroeder and Amy Domingues. View the announcement. Current VdGSA members can register here. For more information about the event and registering, sign up for our YPW mailing list or email the YPW director, Pedro Funes-Whittington, using the link below.

Pedro Funes-Whittington is the current YPW director.

Past Directors: 

Jessica Powell Eig, 2013-2016 

Josh Lee, 2008-2013

Frequently Asked Questions

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