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The Society currently offers six wonderful collections of free sheet music:

  • Martha Bishop's edition of the complete Jenkins Fantasias a4, a5, and a6 available with barlines or without as well as a selection of Fancys a3.

  • Martha Bishop's edition of the complete Lawes Setts a5 and a6 without barlines.

  • Arrangements of Bach a5 made by the Yukimi Kambe Consort

  • Paul Furnas's edition of excerpts of the Manchester Lyra-Viol Manuscript available in both tablature and staff notation.

  • Rob MacKillop's edition of 22 Scottish pieces for lyra viol.

  • Starring the Tenor Viol: Music of the Baroque Edited for Tenor Viol by Niccolo Seligmann and Judith Klotz.

Use the menu at left to navigate.​ Clicking each file link will open the pdf in a new window from which you can download the file.

If you're looking for more viol music, we suggest:

Jenkins edition
Lawes edition
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