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Jenkins edition
Lawes edition
A Selection of Scottish Pieces for Lyra Viol

Edited and arranged by Rob MacKillop.


The Viola da Gamba Society of America expresses its deep gratitude to Rob MacKillop for graciously permitting this publication of his edition of 22 Scottish pieces for lyra viol, featuring a selection of pieces from the Leyden,

Blaikie, Skene, Straloch, Panmure, Pickering and Balcarres manuscripts, so that they could be made widely available to modern players of the viola da gamba.


This sheet music is free for noncommercial use. You may download the files and print paper copies, but neither the files nor the paper copies may be sold.

Scottish pieces for lyra viol
Individual pieces in tablature and staff notation

Pieces in Harp Sharp tuning (defhf):

Pieces in Harp Flat tuning (edfhf):

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