The Society aims to promote research and scholarship broadly related to the viola da gamba and its literature.


The centerpiece of this effort is the Journal of the VdGSA, a scholarly publication released bi-annually.

Online Database of Historical Viols

Created by Thomas MacCracken. The Online Database of Historical Viols is a searchable version of the Peter Tourin/Thomas MacCracken list of extant historical viols.

Ferrabosco Fantasias – Stylistic Observations

Created by Bruce Bellingham. The Ferrabosco fantasias resource offers analyses of all the four-part fantasias of Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger.

Contributed Papers

An assortment of contributed papers on research on the viol and its music. Titles marked 'PPGG' were presented at the Pan-Pacific Gamba Gathering at the University of Hawaii in August 2007.