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About Conclave

"I can't believe I waited so long! After finally attending my first Conclave, I was hooked. A whole week surrounded by new friends and playing consorts into the wee hours every night. I'll be back every summer!" 

What is Conclave?

Conclave is the Society's annual week-long gathering of all who wish to learn about the viol and, most importantly, play the viol. Conclave is open to all members of the Society and you automatically become a member when you register. To better reach all our members, the Conclave site (usually the campus of a college or university) rotates on a three-year cycle between the Western, Central, and Eastern regions of the U.S.A.

Conclave is a celebration of the community of viol players in North America. Half workshop and half party/festival, there are scheduled activities and classes as well as plenty of free time for ad hoc consort music reading sessions. A wide variety of classes are offered, suited to players of all levels from beginner to advanced. There are lectures and concerts as well as many opportunities to make music with friends, old and new. Between activities, attendees can browse and bid on the Conclave Auction offerings. The jam-packed week ends with a banquet and more viol playing before everyone departs the next day. We hope you'll join us next year!

We work hard to make Conclave physically and financially accessible to everyone. If you are worried about the cost of Conclave, please read about our various programs to make Conclave financially accessible.

If you have concerns about the physical accessibility of our sites, please contact the Conclave Team.

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