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Support the VdGSA

The VdGSA is an entirely volunteer-run organization, which relies on the generosity of our members to fund our programs and activities. Your donations make everything we do possible. Thank you for supporting the viol and the VdGSA!

Donations may take a variety of forms, click below to learn about all the ways you can donate or to find out more about the programs your donation supports.

Any and all questions related to donations should be directed to VdGSA Treasurer Tracy Hoover.

Make your donation to the Society below. All credit card information is handled securely by our credit card provider. The VdGSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To protect your privacy, the VdGSA does not share donor information except to print a list of all donors (unless anonymity is requested) in the Spring issue of our quarterly newsletter.

Use this form to make a donation to the VdGSA!

Enter an email

Enter a name

Enter an amount

If you are making a gift in someone else's name or in someone's memory, please include that information here. If you are not a VdGSA member, please include your address if you would like to receive an acknowledgement letter.

Click the "Go to Payment" button and we'll send you to our credit card provider to enter your credit card information. You will be able to review the amount of your donation on the next page before your card is charged.

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Types of Donations

Cash (one-time or recurring gifts)

  • Monetary gifts are a simple way to support the many programs of the VdGSA--you can donate via credit card through the secure online donations form below, or by sending a check to VdGSA; Attn: Tracy Hoover, Treasurer; PO Box 582628, Minneapolis, MN 55458-2628. We’re also happy to help you set up a recurring gift—if this is of interest to you, let us know here.

  • Also consider checking with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program (an easy way to make your funds go farther!)

Securities, stocks, and bonds

  • The VdGSA is able to accept gifts of appreciated securities, stocks and bonds, which can give you significant tax advantages when the items are transferred to the VdGSA before being sold. Check with your tax professional about the best way for you to make a gift of this type, and reach out to the Treasurer (email link below) for assistance and more information.

Gifts through a will or trust (planned giving and bequests)

  • Planned giving through an estate or trust can make a huge difference to the future of the VdGSA. As with all donations, bequests can be unrestricted or designated for a particular program. Consult with your estate planning professional to determine the best way to make a planned gift, and let our Treasurer know how to help.

  • For sheet music libraries, please contact the President.

Instruments, bows, and sheet music

  • Many of our members have gotten their start on a viol from the VdGSA’s rental program. Your gift of an instrument and/or bow will help us have enough rental inventory to serve the viol players of the future! Note that we also have recently established a lending library of very high quality instruments and are very grateful for any additions of high-value viols.

  • If you would like to donate a viol or bow to the VdGSA, please follow the procedures outlined here. Please fill out a Viol Donation Form for each instrument (bows and cases, whether separate or part of package, can use the same form. Information and advice on shipping viols can be found here.

  • If you're not ready to donate your viol yet, you can still make known your wishes for the future disposition of your instrument. You may fill out this form and place it in your viol case if you wish.

  • For sheet music libraries, please contact the President.

Donated items for the annual Conclave Auction

  • The annual Conclave Auction raises much-needed funding for Conclave scholarships. Part fundraiser and part entertainment, the auction is an iconic part of Conclave, bringing us together to share our experiences, talents, and treasures. Past auction offerings have included travel accommodations, lessons and other services, instruments, handmade items, books and music, silly items that make us laugh, and treasures that have a sentimental connection to the VdGSA family.

  • Please contact the Auction Coordinator if you have something to donate to the next auction, or if you have questions or suggestions about the auction.

Options for Designating your Monetary Gift

Grants-in-Aid Endowment Fund

  • This program is open to all members of the Society. It provides grants to help purchase instruments, bows, and cases; to hone teaching and playing skills through workshops, master classes, or competitions; to initiate programs for beginning viol players; to develop outreach activities; to encourage instrument maker initiatives; and more. Donations that expand our endowment fund will assist in allowing us to award more and larger grants to our excellent applicants.

Conclave Scholarships

  • Conclave Scholarships allow the VdGSA to provide work-study scholarships at Conclave in the form of tuition remission. Your gift to this fund helps keep the experience of Conclave affordable to all.

Conclave Endowment Fund

  • Conclave is consistently noted as the Society's most important program. However, over the past decade, sharp rises in travel costs and venue charges have threatened the stability of our fee structure and limited what we can pay faculty, offer in scholarship aid, and use to expand our Conclave offerings. More information about the Conclave Endowment Fund can be found here.


  • The VdGSA Board stewards numerous initiatives that support the mission of the Society, from our robust rental viol library and traveling teacher grants, to video initiatives to capture teaching gems and high-quality print and digital scholarship on the viol. An unrestricted gift allows us to use your generosity wherever we need it most.

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