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New Music

The Society is committed to supporting the development and performance of contemporary music for the viol. We do this by providing opportunities for composers to workshop and perform their works at Conclave, by publishing new compositions, and by holding the quadrennial Traynor Competition. Additionally, we offer an online catalog of 20th- and 21st-century music for the viol.

New Music at Conclave

Conclave is buzzing with contemporary music. The Composers' Round Robin is an ad hoc gathering held several times during the week in which composers can have their pieces played and discussed. It is open to anyone including composers whose work is based on improvisation. Additionally, there is usually at least one class offered that focuses on newly-composed works. Every four years, the Society sponsors the International Leo M. Traynor Composition Competition for new music for viols which is held during Conclave and several classes prepare to perform the finalist entries. We offer our guide "Composing for the Viola da Gamba" to composers.

VdGSA Publications

The Society offers opportunities to publish new music either in the quarterly newsletter (NewsMusic), or as standalone publications (New Music for Viols (NMV) series and the Traynor Competition series). Click here for guidelines about submissions.

New Music Catalog

Dr. Judith Davidoff, an enthusiastic proponent of contemporary music for the viola da gamba, has made her Catalog of 20th Century and Later Viol Music available to the Society. This is an updated version of a catalog which she prepared for her doctoral dissertation. While it is no longer comprehensive, it is provided here as a resource for the community.


Click here to search the New Music Catalog.

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