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New Music Submissions
Submission Guidelines

News Music

The News Music page is an 11" X 17" insert in the VdGSA News that can be removed and used as sheet music. Contributions, using the following criteria, are welcome.

The score should fit conveniently and legibly on two facing pages. To avoid page turns, scores longer than two pages can be printed in parts, with the score available on the webpage. The music should be technically accessible to the average Intermediate player.

Submissions must be in a form that can be edited in Sibelius (Sibelius or xml) along with a pdf for comparison. The News Music editor will do the layout.

Send your music electronically to Sarah Mead for consideration.

All music published in News Music must be original and uncopyrighted or in the public domain, and should credit the original composer and the modern editor. Please note that submitting a piece doesn't mean that it will be published! That decision is reserved by the editor, as in all submissions to the Newsletter.

New Music for Viols (NMV) series

The VdGSA New Music for Viols series is a collection of pieces suitable for lower intermediate to advanced players. Pieces to be published will be formatted to the VdGSA standard and printed and sold on line and in the VdGSA store at Conclave.

Pieces may be submitted to the VdGSA Music Editor, Alice Brin Renken for consideration.

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