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Starring the tenor viol

This edition of high baroque music for the tenor was compiled and edited by Judith Klotz and Niccolo Seligmann for the VdGSA.

From the Introduction:

This collection was created for people who love and wish to play tenor-range highlights of the Baroque literature—especially works of J. S. Bach—on the tenor viol.

Many players already experience the joy of playing 16th and 17th-century English and Italian consort music on tenor viols. These inner lines have intricate polyphony, luscious harmonies, suspensions and imitations with other voices, often in the range of the human voice.

However, there is minimal literature written for the tenor viol after the Renaissance period. Further, there is virtually no solo music written for tenor viol, in contrast to the extensive bass viol solo literature of the Renaissance, Baroque and even early Classical eras. Therefore, there are few chances for the tenor to “star.” This collection provides such opportunities.

Starring the Tenor Viol: Music of the Baroque Edited for Tenor Viol
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