Sheet music

All sheet music sold by the VdGSA is listed here. This is only one of the many ways you can obtain sheet music on our website. The web team plans to update this section in the near future so it is easier to browse.

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Our sheet music editions are labeled by series, which includes the following:

  • Music from Solo to 7 Part (Solo, a2 - a7)

  • Baroque Series

  • Texted Hexachord Fantasies

  • Ferrabosco Motets

  • The Division Violin

  • Dowland's "Lachrymae" Pavans

  • Special Treats

  • A Series of New Music for Viols

  • Contemporary Consorts: The Traynor Competition Winners


Note: Prices listed below for music editions are for VdGSA members; non-members should contact VdGSA's music publications coordinator, Alice Brin Renken, for pricing information before ordering.

All is not lost if you lose a part! Keep your favorites in usable condition.

If you are missing a part to one of our publications, please contact Alice Brin Renken.

She will send you a replacement part for your set at a cost of $1.00 per page, including U.S. domestic postage.

Skill Levels: Some pieces have been rated by skill level as follows:

  • E - Easy

  • M - Moderate

  • FD - Fairly Difficult

  • D - Difficult

  • VD - Very Difficult

Note: The table below is wider than the screen on some browsers, and you need to scroll right to see the Skill Level and Cost.