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Our sheet music editions are labeled by series, which includes the following:

  • Music from Solo to 7 Part (Solo, a2 - a7)

  • Baroque Series

  • Texted Hexachord Fantasies

  • Ferrabosco Motets

  • The Division Violin

  • Dowland's "Lachrymae" Pavans

  • Special Treats

  • A Series of New Music for Viols

  • Contemporary Consorts: The Traynor Competition Winners


Note: Prices listed below for music editions are for VdGSA members; non-members should contact VdGSA's music publications coordinator, Alice Brin Renken, for pricing information before ordering.

All is not lost if you lose a part! Keep your favorites in usable condition.

If you are missing a part to one of our publications, please contact Alice Brin Renken.

She will send you a replacement part for your set at a cost of $1.00 per page, including U.S. domestic postage.

Skill Levels: Some pieces have been rated by skill level as follows:

  • E - Easy

  • M - Moderate

  • FD - Fairly Difficult

  • D - Difficult

  • VD - Very Difficult

Note: The table below is wider than the screen on some browsers, and you need to scroll right to see the Skill Level and Cost.

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