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JVdGSA - Supplemental Material

Supplemental Material

Here you can find supplemental materials for Journal of the VdGSA articles, including color images, audio, and video.

Volume LI (2019–2020):

  • Ludwig, "The Viola da Gamba in Eighteenth-Century Virginia and Maryland: New and Reconsidered Evidence"

Recordings of a selection of nine pieces from the James River Music Book, performed by Loren Ludwig. [Unfortunately, these cannot be offered at their original bit rate due to streaming limitations from our website provider.]

  • Wissick, "'It is Time to Die': Coperario's Six-Part Pieces"

Che mi consigli, Amore (with voices)

Che mi consigli, Amore (viols only)

Udite, lagrimosi spiriti (Marenzio, with voices)

Udite (Coprario, with voices)

Udite, (Coprario, viols only)

Al folgorante squardo

Su quella labra


Untitled #2

Instrumentalists: Brent Wissick, bass; David Morris, treble viol; Parthenia

(Rosamund Morley, treble viol; Lisa Terry, Larry Lipnik, tenor viols; Beverly Au, bass viol)

Vocalists: Jeanne Fischer, Nora Burgard, sopranos; Laura Buff Alexander, alto; Timothy Sparks, Henry Branson, tenors; Marc Callahan, bass-baritone

Recorded in Moeser Auditorium, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 9, 2021, Jay Harpur, engineer

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