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Timeline of English Consort Composers

Created by David Ellis for 2020's NonClave. Notes about the timeline.

Lorenzo Costa and the Earliest Viols (PPGG) – Talk and Slides

by John Bryan. A description of early viols based on a painting of 1497 by Lorenzo Costa.

Viols in Japan: Edo Era to Today (PPGG)

by Yukimi Kambe. A history of viols in Japan during the past 400 years.

The Japanese Kokyu (PPGG)

by Mari Kano. A description of the Kokyu and its history. The Kokyu is considered the most closely related Japanese instrument to the viol.

The Viol in Australia (PPGG)

by Miriam Morris. A brief history of viol playing in Australia with details of some of the important contributors to the development of the viol there.

Double Your Pleasure – or Double Trouble?

by Fred Reinagel. An alternative way to set up the viol that improves its rendition of polyphonic consort music.

The Secrets of Viol Tuning (PPGG) – (PowerPoint)

by Fred Reinagel. An explanation of the physics behind tuning and temperaments.

The Pardessus de Viole (PPGG)

by Toshiko Shishido. A discussion of the reasons for the development of this small viol.

Notes on Wenzinger Master Classes (very large file)

by Bergen Suydam. Notes on 20 years of August Wenzinger master classes, organized by year. Bergen (Jerry) Suydam, a long-time viol devotee and Society member who passed away in September of 2011, attended Oberlin's Baroque Performance Institute for more than 20 years. During those years, he audited or participated in numerous master classes presented by August Wenzinger, the famed Swiss viol pedagogue. A nuclear physicist by training, Jerry's scrupulous notes from these master classes provide a snapshot of Wenzinger's thoughts and advice on everything from shifting technique to viol chamber music interpretation. Patricia Gambell, Jerry's wife, passed the originals on to Catharina Meints Caldwell, long-time director of BPI, who has made them available to the VdGSA for download and study.

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