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Conclave 2023

The 61st VdGSA Conclave
July 23–30, 2023
University of Rhode Island, Kingston RI

We are pleased to present:

  • A full week of in-person and online classes

  • Programs for Beginners, Seasoned Players, Consort Co-op, Advanced Projects, in addition to the regular curriculum

  • Special events (live streamed for online participants) include:

    • Monday Lecture: “The Consort Anthem: A Trove of Many Treasures,” William Hunt, guest lecturer

    • Concert featuring “Copraritopia” with LeStrange Viols (Loren Ludwig, John Mark Rozendaal, Zoe Weiss, Kivie Cahn-Lipman, and Doug Kelly; and “William Byrd: Father of the Consort Anthem,” with William Hunt and friends

    • Faculty Spotlight Concert on Friday evening

  • Daily ad hoc playing sessions

  • Our usual social events and member services:

    • Ice Cream Social

    • Live Auction

    • Emporium for makers, vendors, and publishers

    • Viol and Bow Doctors

    • Student concert

    • Festive closing Banquet

Registration has closed!


Martha Bishop

Sarah Cunningham

Amy Domingues

Wendy Gillespie

Patricia Halverson

Jane Hershey

William Hunt

Brady Lanier

Lawrence Lipnik

Loren Ludwig

Martha McGaughey

Sarah Mead

Rosamund Morley

Patricia Ann Neely

James Perretta

Jessica Powell Eig

Alice Robbins

John Mark Rozendaal

Erica Rubis

Arnie Tanimoto

Emily Walhout

Zoe Weiss


Julie Elhard – Music Director

Risa Browder

Pedro Funes-Whittington

Rebecca Humphrey

Gary O'Connor – Auction

Genevieve MacKayWork Study

James Williamson – Consort Cooperative

Robert Bolyard – Seasoned Players

Kip Irvine – Vendor Liaison


Robert Bolyard with Anthony Allen – Advanced Projects


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