2018 - Cullowhee, North Carolina

Our 56th annual Conclave took place at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. The theme was "As you Like it."
Conclave Classes and Teachers
The faculty!
The Consort Cooperative.
The Beginners.
Lisa Terry's "How to Perform" class.
Elisabeth Reed's "John Ward a6" class.
Martha Bishop's "Coperario Meets Ayton!" class.
Brady Lanier's "Ars Subtilior" class.
Loren Ludwig in his "Canons in Facsimile" class.
Patricia Ann Neely's "Danceteria" class.
Concerts and other events
"Viol Maintenance" with the viol doctors.
First-night Gathering.
First-night Gathering announcements.
Conclave younger players.
Lecture/Demo: "The Pardessus Revealed"
Featured Concert: Quaver.
Featured Concert: Asheville Baroque.
Lecture/Demo: Vihuela de Arco Project.
Lecture/Demo: Vihuela de Arco Project.
Chapter and Area reps meeting.
Student Concert: Beginners' Class.
Student Concert: Jay Elfenbein's "Choice Consorts" class.
Coffee break time!
A Tribute to John Hsu.
Consort Cooperative concert.
Staff, Custodes and the Board
The VdGSA Board.
Rosamund Morley, music director.
Koren Wake, scholarship coordinator
The Custodes.
Custos Leonardo Ferreira Lima
Custodes and others preparing for registration.
VdGSA store staff.
Viol Doctors Shirley White and Sarah Peck.
Viol Doctors' "in box".
Bow Doctor Harry Grabenstein
The auction team.
Passing the torch.
Mid-week lunchtime Board meeting.
Checkout time.
Western Carolina University
Central Plaza, with residence halls and "Courtyard" dining hall (to left).
Noble Residence Hall.
Fountain in the Central Plaza.
Forsyth Building.
Noble residence hall interior.
University Gardens.
Alumni Tower.
Arch between two residence halls.
The VdGSA Emporium, in the Coulter Building.
Making Music
Six-part Cranford.
Peter Hawkins and Suzanne Ferguson.
Music for five in the afternoon.
Late-night playing.
Wednesday Afternoon Voices and Viols.
Trios at night.
Evening Consorts.
The Auctions
Auction Coordinator Anne Duranceau.
Auction crew accepting donations at check-in.
Silent Auction items.
Refreshments for the Live Auction.
Auction assistants at Live Auction.
Auctioneer Robert Bolyard.
Auctioneer Sarah Mead.
Auction assistants Matthew Files and Niccolo Seligman.
Auction audience bidding on a popular item.
Brent Wissick and an auction treasure.
Luthiers Marc and Francis in the shirts they won.
Silent Auction: perusing the sheet music.
Silent Auction necklaces.
Silent Auction: Peg turners.
Silent Auction: Jean Henderson and socks by Martha Bishop.
Assistants at the Live Auction.
Operation Bass Viol
Photos of the original instrument.
Francis Beaulieu planing the underside of the belly.
Ribs being glued to the back.
Marc Armitano "advising" Francis Beaulieu.
Belly and linen strips.
Free samples!
Belly after shaping.
Ribs attached to back.
OBV liason Joel Thompson checking in with Marc.
Waiting for the neck.
"Whacking Party" invitation.
Marc whacking the neck.
"Whacking party".
"Whacking party".
Neck after the "whacking party".
Examining the "whacked" neck.
Francis scraping a glued joint.
Assembled, except for pegs, strings and bridge.
Measuring for the bridge.
Completed instrument, waiting for an owner.
Marc fitting the bridge.
Sarah Mead tunes the new bass for the first time.
Luthier Marc Soubeyran playing the new bass viol.
James Williamson trying out the completed instrument.
Francis and Marc - thank you both so very much.
Vendors and Makers
Emporium sign by Anthony Allen.
Karl Doege, Ralph Ashmead and Lori Tsui.
Bows by Louis Bégin.
String maker Daniel Larson, of Gamut Music.
The VdGSA Store consignment area.
Warren Shingleton.
Viols by Warren Shingleton.
The Early Music Shop of New England was our full service vendor.
Some of Ralph Ashmead's bows.
Browsing the Early Music Shop's music.
Karl Doege of Kinetic Furniture of Vermont.
Old Friends, New Friends
Conclave first-time attendees and their buddies.
Marie Szuts and Robert Bolyard playing Skee-Ball.
Jane Spencer, Peter Martinez and Carol Muss.
Lynn Trott.
James Perretta.
Some "bad boys".
Jill Bellovin and Scot Zoid.
Marc Soubeyran and Pedro Funes.
Jane Leggiero and Sarah Mead.
John Pringle, Kathleen Merfeld and Barbara Pringle.
Rachel Gregory, Kathleen Collison and Lauren Smith.
Ken Perlow and Tina Chancey.
Adam Young, David Ellis and Kathleen Merfeld.
Josh Keller and Anthony Allen.
The Banquet
Banquet preparations.
Banquet table all ready!
Meal choice cards waiting to be picked up.
Peabody faculty and alumni.
Banquet entertainment.
Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute attendees.
Longy School of Music faculty and alumni.
The Canadian contingent.
Owners of John Pringle Renaissance Viols.
Banquet Entertainment: The Paradox Engine.
Banquet entertainment.
Banquet Entertainment.
Announcements and music.
The draw for the new bass viol and bow.
Pattie Wepprecht-Smith was the lucky winner.
Linda and Peter Payzant - new Honorary Life Members.
John Pringle - new Honorary Life Member.
John Pringle viols and their owners.
Retiring Conclave Managers.
"Have You Seen a Viola da Gamba?"
The end of Conclave.

Photos were contributed by Jack Ashworth, Russell Bookout, Barron Northrup and Lisa Terry. In addition to the foregoing, caption assistance came from Anne Duranceau, Joan Chandler, Karl Doege, Julie Elhard, Jane Leggiero, Sarah Mead, John Moran, Ros Morley, David Poon, Sarah Poon, Gilbert Ritchie, Chrissy Spencer, Lynn Trott, Koren Wake, Zoe Weiss, Pattie Wepprecht-Smith and Scot Zoid. Thanks to you all!