Books and Other Things

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Books and Other Things

Description Price
“Pastime with Good Company: The Early Years of the Viola da Gamba Society of America” (Olson) $15.00
“Pastime with Good Company II: The Continuing History of the Viola da Gamba Society of America” (Ferguson and Seiler) $15.00
“Ask Your Viol Teacher” $10.00
“A Handbook of French Baroque Viol Technique” (Hsu) $30.00
“A Course on French Baroque Viol Playing” (Hsu) - VHS tape $40.00
“A Course on French Baroque Viol Playing” (Hsu) - DVD $35.00
Handbook and VHS tape $55.00
Handbook and DVD $45.00
VdGSA 50th Conclave Gold Tote Bags $5.00
VdGSA Travel Mugs $10.00
VdGSA Lapel Pin $8.00
VdGSA Stickers $2.00 ea., set of six $10.00
VdGSA Hoodie (S-XXL) $30.00

Ordering items from the VdGSA

Note: Prices noted are for VdGSA members; non-members should contact VdGSA's publications coordinator, Alice Brin Renken, for more information.

Postage costs:

Postage is included in the price for books, recordings and clothing. For orders shipped outside the US, we will charge the actual postage cost.

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  • You can use our Secure On-line Payment Page. If you are ordering more than one item, please put the total price for the Amount. List the individual item(s)s in the "Further explanation" box on that page (so that we'll know what you are ordering!).
  • OR, Send orders and inquiries to:
    VdGSA Publications
    Alice Brin Renken
    PO Box 582628
    Minneapolis, MN 55458-2628
    Phone: 1-855-VIOL-415 (1-855-846-5415)
    Contact: Alice Brin Renken

    Make check in U.S. dollars payable to "Viola da Gamba Society of America".