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You can afford to come to Conclave! We have a Work-Study Program which covers tuition in exchange for a limited number of hours of your time at Conclave outside of classes. We also offer a limited number of room & board subsidies of $200 (not available for partial week). 


In the spirit of inclusion and the desire to make Conclave accessible to as wide a demographic as possible, we have expanded eligibility for the 5% discount on tuition, room, and board, known for years as the Canadian Discount. This 5% discount is now known as the “Trust” Discount. It doesn’t matter where you live. We trust you, and we value the trust you place in us. If you have financial need, and it would mean the difference between attending or not, just elect to take the Trust discount when you register.


As always, each Chapter has a small voucher to help one or two of their members attend. Ask your VdGSA Chapter rep about Chapter Conclave Vouchers!

2024 In-Person Conclave Tuition & Workshop Fees


Room and Board


Online Conclave Tuition



  • Those registering before May 1st will be charged starting May 1st.

  • Those registering after May 1st will be charged shortly after registration.

  • Work-Study applicants (see below) will not be charged until Work-Study positions are finalized.

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