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Traynor Composition Competition 2022

It’s a Traynor year at Conclave again—a chance to get acquainted with some of the newest musical creations for our favorite instrument! This year’s entries showed depth of musicality and plenty of cleverness, and were in a wide variety of styles. There were thirty-six entries from nine countries, and many of the composers were new to the contest. Fifteen of the thirty-six submitted entries qualified to go to the judges, Larry Lipkis, Ros Morley, and David Morris, who then narrowed the field down to four finalists. 

The winning compositions will be taught in classes at Conclave by Brent Wissick and David Morris. Each class will learn two of the winning pieces. The classes will run concurrently, allowing participants to share ideas and possibly “show-and-tell” the pieces. The two classes  will be recruiting from Consort Cooperative, Advanced Players, and Seasoned Players as needed, so register early if you would like to be in the Traynor classes!

There are also plans for “Soar Losers” reading sessions, so Traynor submissions that did not quite win will be aired in drop-in sessions. The winning pieces will be presented Friday night, performed by students, in conjunction with the Faculty Spotlight concert. Winners will have their pieces published by the VdGSA, and will receive cash prizes and the admiration of all!

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