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Featured Double-Header Concert

Thursday July 28

Nota Bene presents: Continental Drifters

Pieces that voyaged widely in the 16th century, crossing mountains and oceans on their journeys. In the 16th century, as trade routes opened across the European continent and pushed over mountains and across oceans into Asia and the Americas, the printing press helped to accelerate the dissemination of music. Singers and players traveled with their patrons,


taking their native music to distant lands and bringing back new sounds and rhythms. As we gather again from our far-flung homes, Nota Bene celebrates the Conclave theme of “Many Happy Returns” with a program of pieces that voyaged widely in the 16th century: Spanish music published in Germany, Flemish music appearing in England, Portuguese music that made its way to Japan, and English music heard on South American shores, as well as inspirations from across the globe that found their way into the European repertoire. Nota Bene is Sarah Mead (director), Emily Walhout, Wendy Gillespie, Joanna Blendulf, and Julie Jeffrey (guest artist).

Brent Wissick presents: The Secrets of Coprario's Six-Part Music


The Six-Part Music for Viols by Coprario is much beloved by players. But have you ever wondered about those Italian titles and the madrigal texts? Join Brent Wissick with Parthenia and David Morris for an exploration of poetry and music based on his recently published article about them in the Journal of the VdGSA.  They may just be about a "little death".

Featured Lecture: The State of Gambo?

Monday July 25


A round-table discussion moderated by Mary Springfels on diversity in the VdGSA with a panel of VdGSA members.  Streamed online.

Faculty Spotlight Concert

Friday July 29

This concert features our Conclave faculty and performances of the winning Traynor Competition pieces!

New! Curated Evening Playing Sessions

Evenings at 9 pm.

Happy Evenings Consort Club: These playing sessions are for viol players at all levels, orchestrated by Sarah Poon and boosted by advanced viol players.

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