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COVID-19 Policy

All persons attending Conclave 2022 in person must agree to be bound by the following statement:


I understand that as a community at Conclave we need to take into consideration the safety of all of our participants, and I agree to comply with the following protocols. At a minimum I will wear a securely fitted, high performance face mask (such as N95, KN95, KF94, etc.) in classes and when attending concerts and lectures indoors. I will be prepared to test for COVID-19 prior to and/or during Conclave, and I will be prepared to mask in other situations and follow social distancing guidelines should the Management team in consultation with the Board of the VdGSA deem it necessary at the time. Further, I understand that proof of vaccination with at least one booster will be a requirement for in-person Conclave this summer. Failure to comply with Conclave’s COVID-19 guidelines will be grounds for dismissal from Conclave and forfeiture of any fees owed or paid.

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