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Many Happy Returns

The 60th VdGSA Conclave

July 24–31, 2022


We are pleased to present:

  • A full week of in-person and online classes

  • Programs for: Beginners, Teen Beginners (online only), Seasoned Players, Consort Co-op, Advanced Projects, in addition to the regular curriculum

  • Special events (live streamed for online participants) include:

    • Panel discussion on The State of Gambo, moderated by Mary Springfels

    • Concert featuring Continental Drifters with Nota Bene (Sarah Mead, director): and The Secrets of Coprario's Six-Part Music, with Brent Wissick (curator), Parthenia, & David Morris

    • Faculty Spotlight Concert, including performances of the winning Traynor Competition pieces

  • Renaissance Viols and New Music meet-ups

  • Ad hoc playing sessions

  • Our usual social events and member services:

    • Ice Cream Social

    • Live Auction

    • Viol Doctors Sarah Peck and Warren Shingleton, and Bow Doctor Carolyn Foulkes

    • Emporium for makers, vendor services, and publishers, with Charlie Ogle and the Boulder Early Music Shop as our full-service vendor

    • Other vendors include: Francis Beaulieu, Von Huene (Eric Haas), Dan McCarthy, Dan Larson, Louis Begin, Linda Shortridge, Marc Soubeyran, Warren Shingleton, and Sarah Peck

    • Student concerts

    • A festive closing Banquet

Registration has closed!

All In-Person Programs (Late fee after May 31, closes June 15)

COVID-19 policy for in-person Conclave: We require proof of vaccination and booster. 

Classes, concerts, etc. will require masking.

Online Program (Late fee after May 31, closes June 15)
Teen Beginner's Program (Late fee after June 15, closes June 30)

Martha Bishop

Joanna Blendulf

Sarah Cunningham

Amy Domingues

David Ellis

Pedro Funes-Whittington

Wendy Gillespie

Patty Halverson

Julie Jeffrey

Josh Keller

Larry Lipnik

Martha McGaughey

Sarah Mead

Catharina Meints

Heather Miller Lardin

John Moran

Ros Morley

David Morris

Patricia Neely

Sarah Poon

Elisabeth Reed

Mary Springfels

Marie Szuts

Lisa Terry

Emily Walhout

Zoe Weiss

Brent Wissick

Julie Elhard – Music Director


Risa Browder

Pedro Funes-Whittington

Rebecca Humphrey

Ruby Brallier – Auction

Koren Wake – Work Study

James Williamson – Consort Cooperative

Anthony Allen – Seasoned Players

Kip Irvine – Vendor Liaison


Anthony Allen – Advanced Projects


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