Lecture/Demo: Laury Gutiérrez

Afro-Baroque Music

Monday 8 pm EDT

We in Rumbarroco are proud to present our project Afro-Baroque Music, where we illustrate Africa’s lasting musical legacy in Ibero-American music.  We’ll explore the intersection of early European music with the aural African traditions and current Latin-American sounds, as well


as the fusion of art or “learned” music with folk and popular forms.


Our project will include African-influenced instrumental music from Portugal and Brazil in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, as well as Early vocal music from Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela—in particular, with texts that acknowledge the presence of African descendants.


We will present samples of our AfroBaroque programs: The songs of Mysterious Morenas with music from the Cancioneros; The “Other” Baroque Dances: Cumbe, Zarambeque, Jacaras, with music from the guitar and harp sources, and Black Villancicos with music from the villancicos of the Liturgy of Santa Cruz De Coimbra (Portugal).


Adriana Ruiz, Daniela Tosic, & Josaphat Contreras, voices; Lisa Brooke, violin; Eduardo Betancourt, harp; Ricardo Matute, Juan Luis Oropeza, & Karolina Meireles, percussion; Moah Kim, keyboards; William Hernandez, Venezuelan cuatro; Laury Gutiérrez, viola da gamba & Venezuelan cuatro; and guests.

Vendor Event: Emporium

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 6:45-7:45 pm EDT

Learn about our many amazing vendors of all things viol-related during the daily (except Wednesday) Emporium sessions. 

Details about specific vendor presentations coming soon.

Meetup: Renaissance Viols

Wednesday 3-5 pm EDT

A unique opportunity to hear three consorts of matching Renaissance-style viols by contemporary North American makers and ask your questions about “Why Early-Style Viols?”


In three segments from around the U.S. you’ll hear 16th-century music played on viols made by Linda Shortridge, John Pringle, and Ray Nurse.  From Tucson, AZ, Michael Foote will introduce his consort of five Shortridge viols playing from facsimile; from Miami, FL, Mike Twyford will host a consort of John Pringle “Dolphin Viols”; and from Brandeis, MA, Sarah Mead will demonstrate Ray Nurse’s Brescian-model viols with music played by her consort, Nota Bene.   


In the final half hour, consort members and the makers, along with Renaissance bow maker, Coen Engelhard, will appear on a Zoom panel to answer your questions about the instruments, the bows, the strings and the music, and audience members with their own Renaissance-style viols tuned up to a=465 will have the opportunity to play along with one of Nota Bene’s “music-minus-one” recordings under Sarah’s direction.

Meetup: Composers' Round Robin

Wednesday 3-5 pm EDT

This year’s digital offering for new music fans will include a New Music Round Robin, which will give composers the chance to hear their work played by prerecorded consorts of volunteers. Pieces should be max 3 minutes in length and submitted by 1 July (more details will follow in the welcome packet). This Wednesday afternoon session will also involve an online meet-up, as an opportunity for all those interested in new music on the viol to connect, with an update from Liam Byrne about the activities of the new music committee. 

Vendor Event: Viol Cam

Wednesday 3-5 pm EDT

Peek into a viol maker's studio.

Featured Concert: Abendmusik - NY's Period Instrument String Band

Whyte's Noyse: William Whyte, his Fantasies

Thursday 8 pm EDT

William Whyte is one of the least well-known composers of anthems and consorts in Jacobean England.  He is believed to be a contemporary of Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Tomkins, Thomas Ford, Giovanni Coprario, among others. We know that he was contracted to present at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and is mentioned by Thomas Mace in Musick’s Monument (1676) as a composer of “very Great Eminency, and Worth.” While it is difficult to date his compositions, current scholarship is of the belief that they may have been composed around 1620.  We will feature his fantasies for 2, 3, 5, and 6 viols.  This year our concerts are dedicated to Judson Griffin, our principal violinist who unexpectedly passed away in May, 2020.

Małgorzata Ziemnicka, violin; Lawrence Lipnik, viola da gamba, Patricia Ann Neely, viola da gamba & Director

Guest Artists: Vita Wallace, violin; Rosamund Morley, viola da gamba; John Mark Rozendaal, viola da gamba

Presentation: Brent Wissick

Telemann Sonata in A Minor

Friday 11 am EDT (Period 1 – but no 1st period classes on Friday)

This session will be a study of the Telemann Sonata in A minor from Essercizii Musici for solo viol with basso continuo. It will be open to players of all sizes, even though the original is for solo bass.  We will study the bass line and figured bass symbols as well as the solo line, to consider how harmony suggests bowing expression. Most time will be spent on the two slow movements, but will look at the Allegros too. Music will be provided in several clefs.

Lunch Concert: featuring Martha McGaughey

Dreaming of France

Friday 1 pm EDT (2nd Period – but no 2nd period classes on Friday)


At 1:00 on Friday July 30, Martha McGaughey will play a lunchtime concert of her favorite composers: Marin Marais and François Couperin. Some of the pieces will be taken from the repertoire Martha will be teaching in her Marais class during the week. The concert will include harpsichordist Arthur Haas and Carlene Stober, Martha’s partner in Empire Viols. Carlene and Martha will play the 13e Concert from Couperin’s Goûts Réunis. Arthur will be playing on his brand-new John Phillips harpsichord, inspired by the Dumont copy from 1707 in the Flintwoods collection. (Camera angle will be adjusted for at least a brief moment so that everyone can see Janine Johnson’s beautiful soundboard, which features birds and flowers from Inwood Hill Park in New York City.)

Concert: Faculty Spotlight

Friday 8 pm EDT

More details coming soon.