Metamorphoses – an Online Conclave

The 59th VdGSA Conclave

July 25–31, 2021

We are pleased to have presented:

  • A full week of online classes and events

  • Four daily class periods: Monday–Friday

  • Programs for: Beginners, Seasoned Players, Consort Co-op, and Advanced Projects

  • Special events, including:

    • Afro-Baroque Music lecture by Laury Gutiérrez

    • Whyte Noyse concert by Abendmusik, directed by Patricia Ann Neely

    • Faculty Spotlight concert

    • Telemann presentation by Brent Wissick

  • Online “meet-ups” for Renaissance Viol and New Music enthusiasts

  • Our usual social events and member services:

    • Ice Cream Social

    • Auction

    • Virtual Emporium for makers, vendor services, publishers

    • Festive closing Banquet

Martha Bishop
Joanna Blendulf
Sarah Cunningham
Laury Gutiérrez
Patricia Halverson
Jane Hershey
Lawrence Lipnik
Loren Ludwig
Martha McGaughey
Sarah Mead
Heather Miller Lardin
John Moran

Rosamund Morley
David Morris
Patricia Ann Neely
Sarah Poon
Elisabeth Reed
John Mark Rozendaal
Erica Rubis
Arnie Tanimoto
Lisa Terry
Zoe Weiss
Brent Wissick

Julie Elhard – Music Director


Risa Browder & Pedro Funes-Whittington – Conclave Management Team

Ruby Brallier – Auction

Koren Wake – Work Study

Robert Bolyard – Consort Cooperative

Anthony Allen – Seasoned Players

Kip Irvine – Vendor Liaison


James Williamson – Advanced Projects