2020 NonClave

Family Affairs (Stay at Home):


The 58th VdGSA Conclave
July 26th - August 1st , 2020


A week of online activities and events from our first virtual Conclave.  There was a single workshop session each day with 3-4 class offerings, several asynchronous faculty offerings, lectures by Loren Ludwig and Patricia Ann Neely, a concert by Lyracle (Ashley Mulcahy & James Perretta), as well as the usual events: an Ice Cream Social, the Auction, and the closing Banquet.

Download the complete details: NonClave Brochure


Martha Bishop
Joanna Blendulf
Amy Domingues
Julie Elhard
David Ellis
Wendy Gillespie
Jane Hershey
Lawrence Lipnik
Loren Ludwig
Sarah Mead

Catharina Meints

Patricia Ann Neely

Sarah Poon

John Mark Rozendaal

Gail Ann Schroeder

Mary Springfels

Arnie Tanimoto

Craig Trompeter

Zoe Weiss

Brent Wissick

Conclave Staff

Rosamund Morley

Risa Browder
Pedro Funes
Becca Humphrey

Ruby Brallier

Music Director

  Conclave Management Team


Auction Coordinator