2013 - Forest Grove, Oregon

Our 51st annual Conclave took place with a return visit to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.
Conclave Classes and Teachers
"En Masse" - John Mark Rozendaal's Taverner class.
Conclave Faculty.
Brady Lanier's 30/60 class.
Patty Halverson.
The Consort Cooperative.
Ros Morley's Tenor Technique class.
Joanna Blendulf's "Great Gibbons" class.
Jane Hershey's "Low Jump" class.
"En Masse" soloists rehearsal.
Ros Morley and Loren Ludwig.
Margriet Tindemans' "Great Gibbons" class.
Part of Patty Halverson's "Good Housekeeping" class.
Loren Ludwig's "Out of Bounds" class.
Ros Morley's "Flying Leap" class.
Concerts and other events
Viol Doctor Colin Shipman.
The Portland Viol Consort.
Viol Doctor Colin Shipman.
This way to the Traynor Corner!
The Traynor Corner.
Music from the 18th Century for two Bass Viols.
"Dowland before Dinner".
The Lyra in Consort.
Lawes à Six.
Traynor Corner.
"quaver" Concert.
Traynor Performance: "Fantasia Tertia fugata" by Klaus Miehling.
"Wildcats/Wildkittens" audience.
Traynor Corner.
Performers of Traynor "Audience Favorite" prizewinner.
Traynor Corner.
Consort Cooperative concert.
Julie Elhard's "Consorts for Newbies" class.
Jack Ashworth's "Tanzen und Springen" class.
Organizers, Custodes and the Board
VdGSA Board Meeting.
Opening night announcements.
Custos Anne Duranceau.
Conclave Custodes.
Your Board of Directors.
Nukumi Okazaki and auction coordinator Heather Spence.
VdGSA Bookstore assistants.
Chapter and Area reps.
The Registration Desk.
Newsletter editor Randolph Miles.
Custos coordinator Phil Serna.
Board member Lee Talner.
Board members Ron Vernon and Susan Marchant
Music Director Sarah Mead
Team SPoon member Dave Poon
Executive secretary Alice Renken.
Sign outside Custodes office.
Vice-President for Investment Strategy Tracy Hoover.
Treasurer Ken Perlow.
Web Site Committee meeting.
Conclave Managers "Team SPoon".
Pacific University
Gilbert Hall.
Dining room in Washburne Hall.
Lots of mature trees at Pac U.
Pacific University grounds.
McCormick Hall.
Beside McCormick Hall.
Huge Sequoia tree.
Burlingham Hall.
The Banquet
A banquet table.
The dining room set up for the Banquet.
Banquet entertainment.
The Banquet in full swing.
Jean Seiler receives a Life Membership.
Banquet folks: Joan Chandler, Doreen Wong and Norma Cote.
Banquet folks: Melanie Bookout and Kari Hauge.
Banquet folks: John Mark Rozendaal and Susan Daily.
Banquet Folks: Lyn and Stu Elliott.
Banquet Folks: Cheryll Simmons and Kara Hunnicutt.
Banquet folks: Kathleen Merfeld and Rob Grill.
Banquet folks: Valerie Sylvester and Leslie Nero.
Banquet Folks: Nancy Washer and Polly Sussex.
Banquet Folks: Kim Shrier and Carol Deihl.
Banquet Folks: Brady Lanier and Loren Ludwig.
Banquet Folks: Michael Foote and Catherine Henze.
Banquet Folks: Kerri and Brant Brechbiel.
Allison Balberg giving us a poem she wrote.
Consort Coop members performing 'Gamba Legs'. L-R: Robert Bolyard, James Williamson, Heather Spence, Adaiha MacAdam-Somer.
Making Music
Night music.
Wildcat/Wildkitten Practice.
Some Seasoned Players.
Night Music.
Making music with the "Conclave Babes".
The Auctions
Auction refreshments.
A solid-body electric treble.
Auction assistant Kathryn Smith Derksen.
Auction staff.
Auction record-keeping.
Auction assistant Cyrena Huang.
Embroidered shirt from "Archie" Archibald.
Auction assistant Robert Bolyard.
Auctioneer Jack Ashworth.
Auction Assistant Lisa Terry.
The Silent Auction.
The auction audience.
Old Friends, New Friends
John Mark and Joan Chandler.
Julie Jeffrey, Wendy Gillespie and Lisa Terry.
First-timer Nukumi Okazaki.
Laury Gutiérrez and Brooke Green.
Jane Hershey and Linda Shortridge.
Edith Yerger and Linda Payzant.
The Canadian Contingent.
Axel Pollak.
Linda Deshman.
Barbara Cone, Scott Mason and Colin Miles.
Anthony Allen.
Jim Mendenhall and Anne Duranceau.
Scott Mason.
Elizabeth Macdonald and Melanie Bookout.
First-timers and buddies.
Gretchen Claassen and Adam Young.
Tobi Szuts, Marie Szuts and Ken Perlow.
Ryan Gallagher and Josh Lee.
The birthday girl!
Vendors and Makers
Publisher Patrice Connelly.
Bow Doctor Harry Grabenstein.
Bow maker Ralph Ashmead.
Bow maker Louis Bégin.
Charlie Ogle of Boulder Early Music.
Viol Doctor Colin Shipman.
Linda Shortridge installed PegHeds.

Photos were contributed by Kristina Herrick, Tracy Hoover, Scott Mason, Randolph Miles, Sarah Poon, Alice Renken and Lee Talner. In addition to the foregoing, caption assistance came from Robert Bolyard, Melanie Bookout, Michael Foote, Brooke Green, Patricia Halverson, David Poon, Sarah Mead and Jean Seiler. Thanks to you all!